Fiscal Responsibility

Andrew believes in eliminating wasteful spending and being a good steward of your hard earned tax dollars. That is why on Day 1 in office he will fight to lower taxes for the hard working people of Fruitland Park.

Cut the Red Tape!

Let’s get local government out of our lives and allow the free market to work it’s magic. Andrew will fight to make the city of Fruitland Park a destination for small business, increase economic growth, and create more jobs.

Enacting Term Limits

Andrew is a huge proponent of term limits; 27 years of the same leadership is too long! Local government functions best when it’s leadership is diverse with fresh eyes. Your city commissioners are servants of the people and they must not forget it.

Safety and Quality of Life

As a member of the Lake County Parks, Recreation, and Trails advisory board; Andrew is committed to increasing the safety and quality of life for all residents of Fruitland Park. Let’s make Fruitland Park the greatest city to live in Lake County.